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Mini Portable Washing Machines for Small Spaces Like Apartments, Dorms and Rvs
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Portable Mini Washing Machine

Panda Mini Portable Compact Washer

Mini Washer

Here you can find a Mini Washer that goes anywhere. These Portable Mini Washing Machines are great for small loads of such things as delicates, socks, T-shirts, towels, jeans etc.

These little washers are a perfect size to sit on a countertop be that in your small apartment, dorm room or in an RV.

They are fairly lightweight so you can use them by the sink and then store them away for the next use.

No more lugging dirty clothes to the laundry mat every week along with the endless hunt for quarters. You will need to do multiple loads but the convenience will be worth it.

You may want to do yourself a favor and get a portable laundry dryer as well.

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Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine

5 Gallon Bubble Magic Extracting Washer

Eco Egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine
Bubble Magic Extracting Washing Machine

Wonder Wash

Panda Small Compact Washing Machine Pan30

Wonderwasher Portable Washing Machine
Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine Pink and White

"Basecamp by Mr. Heater Single Tub Washer"

Woolite TravelPro Fine Wash Travel Accessories

Rapic Washer DIY Manual Hand Washing Machine
Woolite Fine Fabric Wash

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Mini Portable Washing Machines

Portable Mini Washing Machines are great for small spaces where you don't have traditional washer and dryer hookups. They can sit on a countertop in the kitchen or bath or if you are camping out in your RV then just sit them on a rock or stump somewhere.

You may even want one as a second washer at home to use for small loads of delicates, jeans, t-shirts or towels.

They are easy to operate and are powerful.

You will also be able to enjoy the significant savings over using the coin-op machines at the laundrymat.

It is easy to pre-soak. Just load it at night with that days clothes, leave it soaking and then finish the load the next morning. Everything will come out fresh smelling, very clean and you will use very little detergent.
You may chose to hand dry on a drying rack or select a portable laundry dryer for faster drying.

Another option for reducing drying time is the Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer which can cut drying time by some 30 minutes or more and is much gentler on your clothes than so much hot air blowing on them. It will get your clothes close to dry if you want to just hand dry after that.

You will, of couse, being doing more loads than if you went to the laundromat, but you won't have to leave home and will be able to keep your clothes fresh, clean and ready to go.

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